Esports Events


MTN Conquest

MTN Conquest is Ghana’s most competitive esports event held annually to award top players, promote esports and bring together the gaming community and industry stakeholders in Ghana. The gaming categories vary every year though prominence is given to football, street fighting and racing. We partner with PopOut, the organizers of the event.

Girls In Gaming

Girls In Gaming is an exclusive esports event for girls above the age of 18 years who compete in various genre of games for a pot prize of cash, products and surprises. It is an inclusion-drive to encourage and empower girls to play games competitively as a hobby, size hustle or profession. It is organized by Esports Academy in collaboration with Queens, PopOut and Esports Association, Ghana.


Kickoff is an annual invitational esports event which serves as the opener for all esports events in Ghana. Top and leading gamers from various teams and gaming hubs are invited to compete for various pot prizes and surprises. It is organized by Esports Academy in collaboration with PopOut and Esports Association, Ghana.


Velocity Championship

Velocity Championship is an annual SIM-racing competition made up of series of racing competitions culminating into the ultimate championship event. It is Ghana’s first and premier SIM-racing competition. It will bring together a community of esports motorsports players, promoters, enthusiasts, marketers and industry players together. The games to be played include F12021, Gran Turismo 7, Dirt Rally and other selected racing competitions.

This event is organized by Esports Academy in partnership with PopOut and Esports Association, Ghana.

Crown Battle

Crown Battle is an intensive and competitive championship organized for those who play Clash Royale game in Ghana and Africa to enhance their gameplay and also win prizes. This championship seeks to also build a community of Clash Royale gamers across Africa so they can share ideas, learn from each other and build the skills to be competitive globally.

Gaming Garage Logo

Gaming Garage

Gaming Garage is an intensive, interactive and insightful game development and marketing event aimed at developing world-class gamers, testing new games and sharing ideas about the esports industry in Africa. This event will engage leading industry practitioners and various stakeholders of the value chain of esports. Watch out for 2022 edition at the Esports Academy.