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Special New Year Invitational Esports Event

Sat. 15th January, 2022
Esports Academy, Haatso
10:00am – 5:00pm
Ghs5,000 (pot prize)

About Kickoff

Kickoff is an annual invitational esports event which serves as the opener for all esports events in Ghana. Top and leading gamers from various teams and gaming hubs are invited to compete for various pot prizes and surprises.

It is organized by Esports Academy in collaboration with PopOut and Esports Association, Ghana.

Games for 2022 Edition

PS4 Console Games

Kick Off 2022 FIFA22

16 top players will showcase their football skills to compete for the Ultimate Prize.

Kick Off 2022 GranTurismo
Gran Turismo Sport

4 top players will unleash the thrill of sim racing to compete for the Ultimate Prize.

Kick Off 2022 MortalKombat
Mortal Kombat 11

6 top players will take combat to new level to compete for the Ultimate Prize.

Mobile Games

Kick Off 2022 CallofDuty
Call of Duty Mobile

4 teams of 5 players will answer to call of duty to battle their enemies for the Utlimate Prize.

Kick Off 2022 PUBGmobile
PUBG Mobile

5 teams of 4 players will team up to take their battlegrounds for the Utlimate Prize.

Kickoff is strictly by invitation

Players will be invited to compete in the various games. They must be gamers from teams or gaming hubs who are members of Esports Association of Ghana. For FIFA22 players, they must be quarter-finalists in the MTN Conquest 21 event or be invited.

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