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Exclusive Esports Event for Girls above 18 years

Sat. 12th February, 2022
Esports Academy, Haatso
10:00am – 4:00pm
Ghs3,000 (pot prize)

About Girls In Gaming

Girls In Gaming is an exclusive esports event for girls above the age of 18 years who compete in various genre of games for a pot prize of cash, products and surprises. It is an inclusion-drive to encourage and empower girls to play games competitively as a hobby, size hustle or profession.

It is organized by Esports Academy in collaboration with Queens, PopOut and Esports Association, Ghana.

Girls In Gaming

Games for Girls In Gaming

PS4 Console Games


16 top girl gamers will showcase their football skills to compete for the Ultimate Prize.

Frozen Free Fall Snowball Fight

32 top girl gamers will engage in epic puzzle matching  to compete for the Ultimate Prize.

Mobile Game

Match Masters

16 top girl gamers will match colours to score points against their opponents to compete for the Utlimate Prize.

Why Girls In Gaming

Empowering Girl Gamers

Girls In Gaming organized in partnership with other stakeholders is meant to empower the girls who play games as a hobby or as a profession.

Events and Competitions

Esports events and competitions will be organized frequently to help the girls to showcase their skills and network with their friends in the gaming fraternity.

Training and Tooling

Girls In Gaming will also train and tool the girls who play games to become responsible and professional gamers either as a hobby or a career.

Event Partners