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Why esports?

We understand esports is an global industry which is bigger than music and video combined in revenue. This offers huge opportunities for the youth and entertainment value for various age groups, especially in Africa. Ghana and Africa have the chance to explore this industry to create jobs for the youth, diversify the sports sector, and optimize the related industries. Attention and resources are needed to esports in Africa.
ESports Academy_LadyGamer
ESports Academy_Controllers

Developing esports in Africa

The esports industry is multi-disciplinary in nature and various dimensions from game development to the tournaments. This can create and optimize skills in advertising, marketing, branding, digital marketing, game development, videography, illustration, photography, live streaming, souvenir production, content production, publishing, event management, e-athlete management and more. We aim to develop esports in the Sub-Sahara Africa to give opportunity to gamers to compete globally and industry stakeholders to unleash their skills. This region can boast of over 186 million gamers.

About Esports Academy

Esports Events
Esports Academy is an electronic sports and video gaming institution with the mission to: 1. train and tool gamers, 2. organize esports events, 3. create jobs for the youth and 4. offer entertainment using esports We also want to become the institution with well-trained pro gamers in Africa who can compete globally. Our commitment is to provide critical contributions to develop esports in Africa from Ghana. 
ESports Academy_ChesterKingMaximus
Maximus Ametorgoh (Founder, Esports Academy) with Chester King (Vice President, Global Esports Federation)
ESports Academy_NB2K
Gamers and esports stakeholders at the eGamer Health Summit during the NBA2K tournament by Levels Unlocked, USA.
ESports Academy_FGTSimulator
Our sim racing cockpit setup during the MTN Conquest 2021 event for Gran Turismo game.
ESports Academy_NB2K_Outdoor
Branding setup at our venue during the NBA2K event by Aerial Powers, Levels Unlocked and Esposure, USA.
Esports Academy is a member of Esports Association, Ghana.

Our Events

We use creative activations, channels and exciting events to drive esports development, inclusion and promotion in Ghana targeting various market segments and gaming genres. We partner with other organizations to make this happen successfully.

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